Put the cotton on

It was actually my sister who is working for a local brand in Singapore that introduced Cotton On to me. Whenever she goes home to during Chinese New Year, she will show me the vintage Rubi shoes, oversized tops etc that she bought at Cotton On Singapore. She also told me that this is like her favourite brand that whenever she is going out, Cotton On is a must visit fashion outlet and the worst part is, everytime she goes in, she won’t come out empty handed. Yes, finally Cotton On is now available in Malaysia. For those who don’t know about Cotton On, it is an Australian fashion label which has been available in Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, Hong Kong, Malaysia and the US, and soon in Mainland China.

The Pavilion outlet was the first one that I bumped into with my sisters a couple of weeks ago when my family visited me in KL. I was thrilled to the max when I saw it. And my sister was like, “I thought you said that there is no Cotton On in Malaysia,” and I replied, “Yeah! Well, it’s been ages that I didn’t come to Pavilion. So whatever!” How embarrassing that was you know? Before Cotton On, there was actually another Spanish fashion brand, Springfield that occupied the spot. I don’t know what happened to that brand, but apprently the business was not that good, otherwise it would not have closed down and now new brand has taken up the space.

From their website, http://www.cottonon.com.au, it says that The Cotton On Group is a retail powerhouse for its winning combination of globally relevant fashion at affordable prices. It all began back in 1991 with one store in Geelong, Victoria. From modest beginnings, Cotton On has quickly evolved into a bona fide fashion destination boasting 600 stores and 4500 employees. The original Cotton On offer has expanded to successfully branch into intimates, sleepwear and activewear with Cotton On Body; children’s fashion with Cotton On Kids, footwear with Rubi shoes; and gifts and stationary with Typo.

For me, Cotton On offers a new variety of vintage fashion choices at a more affordable price. Compared to Topshop / Topman, Cotton On has more clothings with cheaper price while the style remains chic and stylish. It is truly a cheap and chic vintage fashion must have! For guys, they have t-shirts, shorts, tanks, shirts, cardigans, bottoms, accessories like shoes and caps. For women, they have lots of vintage tops and bottoms, not forgetting the Rubi shoes.

For more info, always log on to http://www.cottonon.com.au. Cotton On is now available at Pavilion (Near Foerver 21)  and One Utama (Next to G2000).


2 thoughts on “Put the cotton on

  1. Hey Edmondie! Grace here~~~
    I love love love Cotton On!
    I baru je went to Pavilion today and here you are blogging about it today!

    The clothes are nice and not so expensive!

  2. Yeap. I love it too! My boyfriend didn’t really like it though because he said that the quality is not so good. But I love the style and price they are offering. Glad that we have the same taste of style.

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