Good Friends

What would you do if you are feeling lonely or to do something alone? Well, you can bring your friends along. But friends are not always available to keep us a company, hence pets are invented! But another problem is not all kind of pets that you can bring along with and some of the places that you are going to do not even welcome pets. Don’t worry, a Taiwanese accessories brand haoshi has the solution for you!

haoshi DESIGN was established in 2009, named by the Chinese pronunciation “Good things.” Their design concept is to add in a kind of purity and peace. By using concrete exquisite technical art to present the abstract life concept, the designers’ life concept can present completely and perfectly through the visual art.

The Animal Series

A series of animals in the city can represent  the emotions of urban people.  Every animal has its habitual behaviours and stories.  It’s interesting that human have complicated thinking and all kinds of living environments.  While we are proud of being the leader of creatures, it is also interesting that many people’s behaviours act like the animals. So, why not choose an animal to represent yourself!  It will be  your best friend, and always stands by you. This series contains rings and necklaces that come in several cute animal shapes. I bet you will definitely love it!

Bucks Ring

Deer Necklace

Duck Necklace

Elephant Necklace

Frog Necklace

Piggy Necklace

Piglet Necklace

Polar Bear Necklace

Rabbit Ring

Rae Ring

Tiger Necklace

Tiger Ring

Wolf Necklace

Wolf Ring

Zebra Necklace

How to wear the ring:

According to haoshi DESIGN, the ring is best worn with the animal’s head facing out. However, when you go shopping or dining alone, it would be better for the head facing you, just like a friend is with you. This is because they think that every animal has its won behaviours and stories, exactly like human beings. When the person who wears the necklace or the ring, they will not only feel and look good, but they are also bringing a friend with them.

Not enough of these cuties? Well, click here and to place an order for the products that you like.


2 thoughts on “Good Friends

  1. animal jewellery is common but to call them ‘pets’… interesting marketing approach! the necklaces are fine but the rings look freaky… reminds me of the animals hunted and hung on walls. 😕

    • Yeah, what I like about the rings is their technical work on the animal heads are amazing and like what you said, their marketing approach is kinda appealing. But of course some of the animals like wolf which you might not want to make it a pet literally but they are interesting to me. Thanks for commenting dear.

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