Ivana Pilja The Serbian Rising Star

Ivana Pilja may appear to be quite a stranger name to most of us here in Malaysia, well, that’s most probably because she is the uprising Serbian fashion star who is graduating from Textile School in Belgrade.

Her graduation collection, which is her first collection is inspired by Japanese fashion and origami. With solid form and geometrical shapes, the collection is indeed sporting a range of sculptural masterpieces, and featuring in all dark as she wants to inject the thought of making the collection to be a futuristic form of costume. Strongly inspired by the origami culture, the collection has an autonomy in sculpturing, with the edges and the shapes of creations that are straight, sturdy and simplified geometrical beauties. Ivana has also shared with me that the wigs are a very important part of the collection.

“I’m happy I had the honor to co-operate with Djurdjica Ivanovic-Djuka that turned my idea into a reality. Photo shoot and photo campaign was done by  Nikola Sokolov, who has done a great job. Just a good team leads to success:) Also, this is my first independent collection and fashion clash first give me opportunity to show my own collection on such a wonderful international fashion event.”

Instead of referring to the official website of Fashion Clash, this is what Ivana told me through the email which I think I should share it out with my readers, “Fashion Clash is phenomenal concept that opens doors to all young talented designers, and idea of FASHIONCLASH foundation is to create a ‘clash’ with ‘fashion’ as a starting point, and I really like it. By organizing fashion projects FASHION CLASH aims to create a platform where ‘young’ designers/artists can present their work to a diverse international audience.” Awesome, ain’t it? Actually, if you want to know more about Fashion Clash, simply click on the link and read yourself.

I would have to first congratulate Ivana for presenting her collection on 4th June in conjunction with Fashion Clash which brings me both good news and bad news. Good news: I am happy for Ivana and bad news is I can’t go! 😦

Ivana, all the best for your show and would seriously love to hear more from you and hopefully we will be meeting each other real soon!

This is the graduation collection from Ivana Pilja

Ivana Pilja can be reached at ivanapilja@gmail.com.

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