Reality Studio SS11 – Open To The Public

Reality Studio is a German label, founded by Svenja Specht in 2005. The label presented its SS11 collection at Berlin Fashion Week last July. The collection was showcased in a rather unique manner – 8 of the designer’s friends who were also the models for the show, were cycling through the streets of Berlin while wearing the pieces from the collection.

The collection draws inspiration from the music of a Californian performer, Flying Lotus and is deeply influenced by the colours, clothing and cuts of Buddhist monks. The designs found in the collection blends the unique features with good measures of androgyny and sexiness, resulting in the one-of-a-kind signature style of Reality Studio. Unlike other designer label, Reality Studio chose to present the collection to public instead of a group of selected audience, which I must say, I admire this idea and how I wish this could be implemented here, in Malaysia. Furthermore, it is also the designer’s approach of not only expressing the formality but also the true individual spirit of the designer, who I supposed, deeply believes in the value of “Sharing in Caring”.

The collection speaks of extreme simplicity with a twist of cultural beauty. It plays with the technical details of colour dye on the satin fabric, simple drapings, oversized tops and sleek above-the-waist tailored pants, etc. The colours revolves around neutral shades of pale camel, light grey, orangey brown, matching with strong hues like red, black, greyish dark blue suede fabric etc, presenting a refreshing styling inspirations.

Take a look at the collection, some of the pieces are really adorable!

About The Designer

The mastermind of Reality Studio is Svenja Specht. Having studied in fashion and product design, Specht has worked in the fields of fashion, graphic, costume and product design for a couple of years before setting up this label in 2005, in Berlin, a beautiful city in Germany. Thanks to her interests in other cultures and languages, she has lived in Beijing, China for 3 years and 2 years in Paris.

Stay tuned for more updates!


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