Reality Studio SS11 – Open To The Public

Reality Studio is a German label, founded by Svenja Specht in 2005. The label presented its SS11 collection at Berlin Fashion Week last July. The collection was showcased in a rather unique manner – 8 of the designer’s friends who were also the models for the show, were cycling through the streets of Berlin while wearing the pieces from the collection.

The collection draws inspiration from the music of a Californian performer, Flying Lotus and is deeply influenced by the colours, clothing and cuts of Buddhist monks. The designs found in the collection blends the unique features with good measures of androgyny and sexiness, resulting in the one-of-a-kind signature style of Reality Studio. Unlike other designer label, Reality Studio chose to present the collection to public instead of a group of selected audience, which I must say, I admire this idea and how I wish this could be implemented here, in Malaysia. Furthermore, it is also the designer’s approach of not only expressing the formality but also the true individual spirit of the designer, who I supposed, deeply believes in the value of “Sharing in Caring”.

The collection speaks of extreme simplicity with a twist of cultural beauty. It plays with the technical details of colour dye on the satin fabric, simple drapings, oversized tops and sleek above-the-waist tailored pants, etc. The colours revolves around neutral shades of pale camel, light grey, orangey brown, matching with strong hues like red, black, greyish dark blue suede fabric etc, presenting a refreshing styling inspirations.

Take a look at the collection, some of the pieces are really adorable!

About The Designer

The mastermind of Reality Studio is Svenja Specht. Having studied in fashion and product design, Specht has worked in the fields of fashion, graphic, costume and product design for a couple of years before setting up this label in 2005, in Berlin, a beautiful city in Germany. Thanks to her interests in other cultures and languages, she has lived in Beijing, China for 3 years and 2 years in Paris.

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Karla Otto X Gareth Pugh

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Back to the topic, Karla Otto has announced their international collaboration with Gareth Pugh! Wow, I just could not wait to see the great excitements coming up and you gotta stay tuned for that! I promise, I will get you updated as soon as I have the complete package of information.

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Juliette Hogan Summer 2009

Juliette Hogan is not a stranger in New Zealand’s fashion industry. Being one of the brightest young designers in the country,  her namesake fashion label Juliette Hogan is a foundation label at Showroom 22, the PR agency for the label.

Juliette Hogan’s Summer 2009 Collection features the theme of “Some Other Time…” Continuing to design with her well-mannered muse in mind, she further explores the addition of a tougher edge to her designs playing with a balance of hard and soft. exposed zips on the denim dress and the otherwise coquettish floral printed may dress result in a perfect harmony between sweet and sass.

The now signature ‘Juliette Hogan sunray pleat’ story receives an update in the form of a sheen chiffon in oyster, coral, charcoal & black.  the floor skirt offers a bit of drama against the flirty and fun trapeze dress. A more lively palette than previous seasons with the inclusion of the cherry red check, coral chiffon, and pink and green brights in the busy floral print.  However, we still see the signature muted neutrals in silk habutai, cotton knit & antique lace. Silhouettes are brought together from a variety of eras with vintage detailing on the cute ruffle front pixie frock, the 50s dress is true to it’s name sake, while the mini perfect Skirt is reminiscent of subtle 80’s styling.

A confident and concise collection from juliette hogan as she once again serves up a must have selection of timeless, classic pieces set apart by a je ne sais quoi that makes you want to touch, feel and ultimately wear.

My Favourite

My Favourite

My Favourite

My SUPER Favourite

If you want to personalise this outfit, a slim belt would be perfect!

My Favourite

I love the whole relaxed look with the loose pants and especially the grandma jacket.

The print on the fabric is so girlish with the flower motifs and yet stylish with the unique green colour.

My Favourite

More About Juliette Hogan:

After completing a Bachelor of Design (Textiles) degree in Wellington 2001, Juliette spent time working for Chris and Helen Cherry as their design assistant. She then went on to win the Karen Walker/Steinlager ‘Dare To Be’ scholarship which her prize was to complete a senior year at Parsons School of Design, New School University, New York, arguably one of the world’s top two fashion design schools. While in New York, Juliette completed an internship with Rebecca Tailor’s design team.

In 2004 Juliette established her own label, making waves instantly with her ability to blur the line between classic femininity and contemporary fashion. Her clean minimalist approach to tailoring, along with her careful selection of textiles, textures and colourations make for functional yet beautiful garments. Each piece is modern yet shrouded in a timeless quality, making it able to surpass the seasons.

Above all Juliette’s collections are sensitive to simplicity of form and are infinitely practical. Her dedication to quality, style and femininity and her coolly sophisticated design sense ensure that her collections will continue to be anticipated and celebrated with each new season. Her collection was once described as ‘quietly sophisticated clothes that well mannered girls want to wear’; and that’s Juliette Hogan to a tee.

2007 saw Juliette open her flagship store on Ponsonby road in Auckland.  18 months later the label continues from strength to strength, with Juliette showing for the 3rd consecutive time at air New Zealand fashion week with a show that was dubbed her best yet with rave reviews.

Ed’s Note:

What I like about Juliette Hogan is her styling and the fabric she uses. Her styling is great compared to other designers and a touch of vintage is flowing in her summer 2009 collection. The printed fabric used in the collection is also very unique and I love them! But one thing is that she has that Parson’s design style where the clothings are more commercial with a large portion of minimalist creativity.

So if you happen to drop by Auckland, don’t forget to visit Juliette Hogan’s boutique.

Women In Black

Viktor & Rolf always give us surprises. With that being said, for the Spring Summer 2010 collection, Viktor & Rolf are creating a small capsule collection that encompasses five cocktail dresses, for the very first time. This collection has been given a name of a special label, Viktor & Rolf Black Dress. From this S/S 2010 collection on, every season will launch a new capsule collection comprising five dresses.

The idea behind this capsule is to always reinvent the Little Black Dress offering a point of difference from the rest of the collection. Since these pieces combine classic designs with original chic details, they remain timeless iconic fashion pieces that fit to grace the most enviable wardrobes. For the S/S 2010 capsule collection, Viktor & Rolf propose soft shapes, silhouettes and fabrics, which make the looks very chic, with a relaxed attitude. The feminine references are lingerie, bustiers and soft bows.

In the designers’ own words: “Our inspiration began with the women we imagined would wear them. With sources ranging from a certain technique or silhouette to the memory of a vintage dress, the garments capture our take on the spirit of a woman, that may be serenely fluid, delightfully structured, lavish and decorative or classically alluring”.

Black Beauty

Strapless dress in taffeta with pleats cascading from a large front bow, creating a tromp l’oeil effect.

Black Dahlia

Soft loose summer dress in cupro with a chic seventies feel and flowerbomb strap details at the back.

Black Hole

Dress with integrated bustier in cupro and chiffon embellished with stones appliquéd onto the collar and belt.

Black Dream

Short dress designed to combine three different fabrics – a chiffon décolleté, a silk bodice and a taffeta skirt – finished off with a rich stone and bead appliqué sash at the waist.

Black Rose

Tulle layered dress with hand embroideries on the shoulders and a satin ribbon belt.

They are just simply amazing, aren’t they? Well, I just can’t wait for more capsule collections to come in the future, good job Viktor & Rolf!

The Perpetual Leisure of Complex Geometries

Was browsing through Jak & Jil Blog and discovered this Canadian label complexgeometries. So then I decided to contact them as I really love the collections and wish to present them in the blog, which is here! And here they are, I present you, the Spring Summer 2010 from complexgeometries.

The Spring Summer 2010 collection from complexgeometries is inspired by the idea of “perpetual leisure”. Without attempting to find a definitive answer, the question is posed “could there be a future where leisure is eternal?” Notably, the shapes are loose and easy, evoking images of the leisure cultures of history. Beach pajamas, retirement communities and clinical attire all inspire the simple, versatile shapes that make up the collection. Additionally, certain styles were conceived as though they were to be made entirely automatically, in a future where all people are perpetually at leisure and machines do all the work. The fabrics are comfortable – cotton t-shirts, linen jeans and silk jumpsuits. Interestingly, there are also metallic finishes contrast casual unisex shapes and sheer fabrics play with light and encourage layering.

For Women

For Men

This collection also provides an introduction to the “/” series of collaborations:

  • complexgeometries/harakiri, a jewelry line comprised mostly of sterling silver, alone or mixed with elements of leather, quartz and onyx. Made in collaboration with the artisan jewelery line Harakiri, the movement and simplicity of the pieces reflect the essence of the complexgeometries collection.
  • complexgeometries/Osei-Duro, a multi-functional style designed collaboratively with Osei-Duro. This duo of designers works with women’s work co-ops in Ghana, aiming create a self sufficient and sustainable future for the women involved by helping to develop their skills and businesses. Made from traditional local textiles, the resulting ‘UltraJacket’, is a versatile article that can be worn as a jacket, dress or even shorts.

About complexgeometries

While the look of complexgeometries is distinctive, every aesthetic choice is just as much a conceptual one. Often using standard streetwear as a starting point, the designs examine clothing as a consumer product and as a method of communication, implicating the garments themselves in the everyday lives that inspire them. By gently reshaping standard items of the contemporary wardrobe and questioning the social roles and emotional comfort provided by clothes, complexgeometries has developed a dedicated following around the globe.

The Man Behind complexgeometries

Designer Clayton Evans grew up in a small town in northern Canada. It was during his studies at the Alberta College of Art and Design that he realized his true creative passion was clothing rather than traditional fine arts. Completely self-taught in fashion design but using the technical skills and critical thought processes he learned at school, Evans began creating complexgeometries in 2006.

complexgeometries is sold in select stores around the globe such as Barneys New York, Browns London and Reborn Montreal. For more information kindly contact or visit

Credits for the photos:

Photography & Production: Tommy Ton @ Jak & Jil Blog
Models: Dustin Z @ Giovanni Models and Alex Marshall @ Sutherland Models
Hair and Makeup: Designer’s friend
Styling: complexgeometries

P/S: Special thanks to Adam DeKeyser for liaising with me in order to make this post on complexgeometries possible and accessible to all my dearest readers.