Who’s this?

Fashion stylist cum Style Animal

He simply loves watching fashion making love with style


5 thoughts on “Who’s this?

  1. Hello Im Dafne
    Ive just read what u wrote from d blog Plastic Choko
    I love her design, very simple yet oozes styles. I especially love the bag. How can I get it? I would like to feature Dafne in my blog too, is there anyhow I can contact her? As I don’t have a myspace account. My email is edmondwei@yahoo.com. I welcome all new designers who wish to have showcase their talents to the world.

    Were are you from? -what is your blog? I have also my brand facebook account: dafne1stact@gmail.com

    Happy holidays!!

    • Hi Dafne, thank you for your reply and I am glad that you see the comments. I am from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia and this is my blog. Feel free to give me any comments and look around. Thanks again!

  2. I just found your blog today.
    LOVE IT!
    It seems like you have not blog for a while. I would love to see more of your blogs. They are fabulous.
    By the way, the eyeglasses look good on you 🙂

    • hey darling, thank you so much for taking a look my blog and I appreciate the comments. Yeah, have been terribly busy on my styling projects and will update it very very soon and will make it a regular platform to interact with you guys! Thanks for the compliments also. Add me in facebook and would love to communicate more with you darling. Take care!

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